about the AUthor,

Brian Foster

High pressure vocations cause those who work in them to look for relief valves. Mine were humor, the study of crime scenes, and terminal ballistics.


I spent 23 years in the Houston Police Department Homicide Division, all the while collecting odd confessions, statements, and reports. Then came the stories that were too good not to be retold. These became the three books I call the Homicidal Humor Series: Homicidal Humor, More Homicidal Humor, and The Clot Thickens.  


Several years ago, a former coworker approached me about writing a case he could not put down. I reviewed it, and realized every cop has that one case he or she will never forget. For some, the case is a matter of pride; for others it’s the one that keeps them awake at night. I began contacting cops from all over Texas and a new True Crime series was born.


The first two books in the True Crime Series—Blood Trails Across Texas and They Were Graveyard Dead—are available and a new book will be released in 2020.


Both series are written as collections of short stories, and all stories included are true.